Self-Assessment of Health Institutions and Facilities

Ministry of Health

It is a service approved by the Ministry of Health that aims to define the rights of private health institutions in the systems and standards of the Ministry of Health, and the corrective measures to be taken to raise the levels of quality and safety in the health service provided, and to enhance the concept of self-monitoring in private health institutions and pharmaceutical facilities. The service, through the Seha platform, documents the commercial registration information of the facility through the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to documenting medical licensing information through the medical licensing service for facilities from the Ministry of Health.

Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  • The facility representative logs into Seha platform, and then the health facility self-assessment service.
  • He chooses the affiliated evaluation that is compatible with the type of facility, after electronic integration with the Ministry of Commerce, as well as the Ministry of Health.
  • He compares the status of the facility with the criteria shown in the evaluation of the type of facility and determines what has been met from them.
  • He delivers the evaluation so that the system determines, automatically and directly, the criteria that the facility must work on to avoid a fine.
  • Violations are presented based on the assessment, and the severity of the violation is presented in order for the facility to clarify the importance of corrective measures to be implemented.

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