Initial Approval for Health Facility Licenses

The service enables investors to obtain initial approval from the Ministry of Health to start any health activity automatically.
  • The representative of the health facility enters the SEHA platform, then (Medical Licensing Service), and chooses the sub-service (initial approval of the health facilities).
  • The beneficiary enters the main data of the facility, which includes: the name of the facility, type and geographical indications.
  • The applicant can verify the owners data and add partners if there are partners in the ownership of the company, and check it electronically through the Ministry of Interior.
  • The representative shall select the establishment specialty and attach the title deed and the approval of the municipality to suit the site by submitting it to the platform electronically and acknowledging the validity of the data.
  • After confirming the validity of the data, the initial approval is issued automatically and directly, and can be printed, without the need to review any party in the Ministry of Health.

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