Mandating Health Practitioner

Ministry of Health

The service allows health authorities in the private sector to delegate their practitioners from one side to another, through an integrated electronic system, without the need to visit the Ministry of Health, or one of its affiliates. Thus, the practitioner affiliated with the private sector can work in the organization delegated to it in a regular manner, after approving the assignment request through the system.

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1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
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Customer support

  • The representative of the health facility enters on the Seha platform, then the medical licensing service, and selects the sub-service (Assignment of the Health Practitioner).
  • The application is submitted by the facility in the private sector in which the health practitioner works by clicking on the icon for a new assignment request.
  • Enter the license number of the health practitioner that the private facility wishes to assign to another private health facility.
  • After verifying the data of the health practitioner, the license number of the facility to which the health practitioner is delegated is entered, and the duration of the assignment to the health practitioner is determined.
  • The application is suspended until the beneficiary establishment approves the practitioner's work.
  • After the application is received by the facility in which the health practitioner works, the application is accepted by the facility to which the health practitioner is delegated.
  • After the two facilities agree to the delegation request, the request is accepted by the directorate that is responsible for the two private health facilities.

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