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Home health care is a component of a continuum of comprehensive health care that promote, maintain or restore health, or maximize the level of independence, while minimizing the effects of disability and illness.

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  • Log in via Absher (Unified National Access).
  • The Patient Information screen appears for those who want to apply for a home health care service.
  • Fill in the applicant information.
  • Fill in the patient information (the beneficiary) and pressed (Next).
  • The Patient Address screen appears after completing all patient data, during which the patient neighborhood is identified, the street name, building number, landmark, and any notes, if any.
  • Click on the Send icon to send the request.
  • You can check your order status by accessing the Order Status Search screen.
  • You can search by entering the name of the applicant, the application number, and the applicant identification number.
  • If the patient is from inside the hospital: Fill in a special form for referral from the consultant physician or specialist treating the patient in the hospital, and be referred to the Department of Home Health Care.
  • The referral should be made 72 hours before discharge.
  • Evaluate the patient in the hospital before discharge by the home health care team (doctor, nurse and specialist).
  • Develop a clear treatment plan in coordination with the attending physician.
  • Meet and evaluate patient facilities at home, their ability to care for the patient, and inform them of the patient duties and rights.
  • Assess the patient home and the safety of his environment.
  • Initiate training of patient facilities and improve patient care capacity.
  • Ensure that the patient essential needs are met before discharge.
  • Accept the patient and make an appointment for the first visit.
  • Open the patient file in the hospital, and another file at home, according to approved forms, and set a schedule and times of visits as per the requirements of the patient medical condition.
  • If the patient is from outside the hospital: The application that meets the requirements is submitted to the Home Health Care Department accompanied with: a medical report of not less than 3 months, a copy of ID, and a copy of the treatment plan. A home care provider is required for the patient. The application is reviewed, and an evaluation visit is made to find out the patient's needs.
  • For more about home health care services click here.

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