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Provides health care that guarantees satisfaction of the patient and his family. Provides safe care in the patient's home in presence of his family. The following services are provided: • Home nursing care • Medical care • Rehabilitation and home physiotherapy • Home feeding services • Home respiratory care • Home social services • Home mental health • Virtual home health services • Medicine management • Other support services

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Service launch date: Oct 31, 2022, 8:00:00 PM GMT

​​Through “Mawid” of “Ehalati” app
​1- Inpatients in hospital: Patients whose condition is stable and the attending physician believes that they cannot be discharged without availability of health services at home. 2- Non-inpatients: OPC patients admitted in hospital and in need of health care upon referral and a clear treatment plan by the treating doctor in the hospital. Emergency patients and in need of health care upon referral and a clear treatment plan by the attending physician in the hospital. Patients of primary health centers referred according to policy of accepting patients of primary healthcare centers Alzheimer's patients in accordance with the patient admission policy of Alzheimer's Association. Comprehensive rehabilitation patients according to policy of accepting patients from comprehensive rehabilitation. The disabled student and his condition stable and he can go to school, but needs medical care. 3- The existence of a person able to take care of the patient 4- Availability of a safe home environment for the patient and the health team
​1. Complete and clear referral from the attending physician to the applicant 2. Signature of the patient or the family responsible for him, approving the home health care service. 3. Distance between the health care section and the patient's home should not exceed 70 km.​

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