Arriyadh Urban Observatory Indicators

Royal Commission for Riyadh City

The service allows access to the indicators of the Urban Observatory, which is a specialized center that takes the form of a specialized technical department established at the core of the organizational structure of the city administration. It undertakes the processes of collecting and analyzing data, statistics and information in the various fields of urban development, operating and processing them in line with the requirements of measurement, comparison, publishing, preservation and retrieval on the areas of city development with the aim of working to improve the living conditions of the city’s residents. This is done with the help of decision-makers responsible for urban development in setting policies and drawing up plans that achieve the goals of developing the city and its residents, whether urban development, economy, sociology or the environment, that is, comprehensive and sustainable urban development.

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Last Modified Date: 18/05/2021 - 7:32 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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