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Request for Research Cooperation in Water Desalination

Saline Water Conversion Corporation

A service provided by the Institute of Research and Desalination Technologies, which is affiliated with the Saline Water Conversion Corporation to find cooperation with universities, companies and scientific authorities in the field of saline water desalination, with the aim of: developing desalination techniques and treatment methods by integrating more than one method, developing unconventional desalination techniques such as solar desalination, finding and developing materials Alternatives that enter the desalination industry, such as anti-sedimentation materials and chemicals, contributing to the development of various types of membranes, improving the specifications of the materials currently used in plants, and transferring technology and knowledge to the employees of the institution.

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Customer support

  • Enter the Corporation's website.
  • Enter the website of the Research Institute.
  • Choose e-services.
  • Choose a research service request.
  • Enter the data.
  • A message appears to the user when the data is complete.
  • A message appears indicating the order reference number.
  • The service requester is notified of the end of the request, and notified by e-mail that his request is approved and the institution is reviewed.

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