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Request a Training Course in the Water Desalination Industry

Saline Water Conversion Corporation

The service provided by the Training Center at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation provides training programs for the center’s clients from the public and private sectors, according to their training needs in the field of desalination and energy production, within the framework of the center’s investment operation program, which began in 2010.

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Government, Business
Target audience
30.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Arabic and English
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Customer support

  • Enter the Corporation's website.
  • Enter the training center website.
  • Choose training services - investment courses.
  • Enter the required data.
  • A message appears to the beneficiary when the data is complete.
  • A message appears to the beneficiary stating that the request has been received.
  • The service applicant is notified of the completion of the application, and notified by e-mail of approval to conduct a course in the field of desalination industry.

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