An electronic application on smart devices that allows the user to submit a report about violations, infringements, and any notes within the Oasis.
  • Select (New Report) from the main page.
  • Choose one of the following services: agricultural waste, property rights, infringement, or others. Then enter the name, ID number, mobile number and note, if any, and attach a picture of the problem.
  • Click (Submit), the request number appears for the user.
  • If the user chooses the option (My Reports) from the main page, this screen will appear to him with the provider of the application number, the status of the request, the request information and the date of the request.

Service Insights

Service Fee :


Target Audience :

Citizen, Individuals, Government, Business

Service Channels :

Mobile apps, Portal,

Service Response Time :

7.0 Days(s)

Service Level Agreement :

Customer Support

Office Locations :
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Telephone :
Customer Support Hours :
07:30 AM - 02:30 PM
For compliant, help, abuse :
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