Cattleman Funding Request

Agricultural Development Fund

This service allows small livestock breeders to register in the Regular Operational Loan Financing Program for Livestock Breeders and apply for financing. After signing the contract, the beneficiary gets 200 riyals per head of livestock. The loan repayment period is 4 years, and the installments start to be paid 12 months after obtaining the loan.

Target audience
7.0 Days(s)
Service duration
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Customer support

  • Enter the e-services platform by visiting the Agricultural Development Fund e-services link.
  • Choose a service (Cattleman Funding Request) from among the services provided on the platform.
  • Confirm the data by writing the national ID number, date of birth, and mobile number, and a message will be sent to the customer's mobile number.
  • Choose the branch you will deal with.
  • Fill in all the required data in the application form, and SMS message will be sent to you stating your reference number.
  • After completing the application, it will be reviewed at the fund's headquarters.
  • The applicant should be registered with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.
  • The applicant must not be an employee (government - private).
  • Not less than 21 years.
  • The funding is limited to smaller-scale cattle breeders (50 - 500 heads of cattle).
  • Attending a workshop in the field of cattle breading.
  • Acknowledgment of Semah after signing it.

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