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Issuance of a License for Media Studies and Consulting

Ministry of Media

This service enables the beneficiary to issue a license for media studies and consultations to practice the work of developing economic feasibility studies for media activities and their projects, and to provide media consultations to the media and their effects and activities, and the extent of their impact through a field study and public opinion polls, and the development and preparation of studies and research for media campaigns, and drawing appropriate plans for them. Follow-up and evaluation of its results.

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Customer support

  • Through the e-services of the Ministry, enter the media licensing system.
  • Choose a service (Issue a New License).
  • Click on the option of the Ministry of Media - Media Licensing System, and review the conditions for granting a media license to individual institutions and companies.
  • Verify the owner's identity and date of birth and select the gender, press (Verify) and complete the application.
  • Enter the address data and agree to the acknowledgment.

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