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Issuance of an Electronic Publishing License

Ministry of Media

This service enables obtaining the following electronic publishing licenses: Issuing an electronic newspaper license, issuing an electronic magazine license, issuing an electronic publishing house license, issuing a license to broadcast via mobile phone or electronic means, and issuing an electronic news agency license.

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Customer support

  • Enter the unified licensing system page, and log in to the National Single Sign-On service.
  • Choose the service of requesting an electronic publishing license for companies and institutions.
  • Review the license terms, and click (Next).
  • Choose the type of license, and click (Next).
  • Check the validity of the applicant, and press (Yes).
  • Choose the city and press (Save and Continue).
  • Enter the facility data and click (Save Application and Continue).
  • Read the terms of the editor-in-chief, and click (Next).
  • Fill in the editors-in-chief's data and click on (Save and Continue).
  • The offer is made and the applicant is notified that the application has been received.

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