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Issuing Replacement for Damaged or Lost Court Deed

Ministry Of Justice

The service allows the beneficiaries to electronically register the request to issue a replacement check for a lost or damaged court deed, where the owner of the deed or his agent fills in the information and data of the deed to be re-issued, so that a referral is issued directly to the notary.

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Individuals, Citizen
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3.0 Days(s)
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Arabic and English
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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Enter the portal.
  • Select (Issuing Replacement for Damaged or Lost Court Deed).
  • Enter the required data.
  • The applicant must be the owner of the deed or his agent.
  • No previous request.
  • The notary must be reviewed with the request number within (5) working days of performing the service, otherwise the request will be canceled automatically.
  • The document must be legally binding.
  • The document must not have been pre-registered, which may be confirmed using My Real Estate e-service.
  • The document data entered should match what is in the attached document copy.
  • The property information (city name, neighborhood name, lot number, and plan number) must be correct and identical to what is in the document or letter issued by the relevant authority, such as
  • the district secretariat, and a copy of it must be attached.
  • If the document does not contain the owner's identifying number, proof of ownership must be added.

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