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Land and Real State Title Registration

Ministry Of Justice

The service allows beneficiaries to register the emptying request (to transfer land ownership). When the property owner fills in the information and data of the instrument to be emptied and the buyer's data and payment method and chooses the notary, the system issues an electronic reference number so that the beneficiary can consult the notary directly without going through the control hall. However, If the amount is less than SAR 20 million, you can avail of the service through Electronic Land and Real Estate Title Registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • Login to the Najez portal.
  • Login to the service.
  • Fill in the information and data of the instrument to be emptied, the data of the buyer and the method of payment and choose notary.
  • When the request is completed, a reference number will be sent to both parties on the registered mobile phone.
  • Review the notary to complete the request for emptying and issuing the instrument.
  • The real estate document must be free of any restrictions (for example, cessation, mortgage, or reserve).
  • The document must be electronic.
  • The number of lots specified in the document must be located in plans recognized by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  • The full documentation should be included in the transfer of ownership.

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