Request to Register an Endowment

General Authority for Awqaf

An e-service provided by the General Authority for Endowments, which allows the receiving of endowment registration requests and processing them as necessary by the procedures enforced by the Authority, in addition to the service of the endowment or the beholders registration in endowment.

Citizen, Resident
Target audience
10.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Mobile apps Portal Service centers
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • Click on (Request to Register an Endowment) and log in using the National Single Sign-On. Or download the application of the General Authority of Endowments from Google or Apple store, and log in.
  • Complete the form attached by providing the needed information and attach the required files.
  • Attach required files.
  • Once the conditions are met, a certificate of endowment will be issued.
  • Applicant Information (Endowment - Agent).
  • Applicant information (Name, ID number, Mobile number, Email).
  • Endowment information (Deed number, place of issuance of the deed, endowment date & location, name of endowment and activity.

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