Online Admission at the University of Jeddah

University of Jeddah

This service enables citizens to apply for admission to the University of Jeddah to study the baccalaureate level.

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53.0 Days(s)
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Customer support

  • Enter the admission portal.
  • Select: New registration.
  • Enter the data as required, make sure the mobile number is correct, then click (Save and Move to Next).
  • Enter the data and desires in order according to the student's desire.
  • Confirm the request.
  • Add the attachments, for those who have been nominated for acceptance only, then click (Approve and Save Changes).
  • Follow up on the application through: Follow up on the application and confirm it after nomination.
  • The student is informed of the final result - acceptance or rejection - through the application follow-up page, and a mobile message and email are sent to each student.
  • The applicant must be a Saudi national, or of a Saudi mother or the mother of a Saudi son.
  • To have a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
  • To obtain approval from his reference to study, if he works in any governmental or private entity.
  • Obtaining the abilities and achievement certificate as determined by the National Center for Measurement.

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