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Prefabricated building inspection

Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

The service allows beneficiaries to view the details of projects of housing units under construction, and to complete the reservation procedures electronically without the need to visit the sales site. The service also includes obtaining a price quote submitted by the financing institution.

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Individuals, Businesses, Government, Citizen, Resident, Corporations, Community associations
Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Arabic and English
Service provided in
Kiosks, Mobile apps, Portal, Service centers,
Service channels
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Customer support

  • Enter the Sakani platform.
  • Login using your username and password.
  • Click on (Sakani Products).
  • Select the project type (Units Under Construction) and select the area, then click on (Search).
  • Select one of the projects from the projects list.
  • Search for the appropriate housing unit by selecting the block number and plot number, then click on (Search).
  • Click on (Book this unit now) for one of the appropriate units.
  • Click on the acknowledgment and then the booking.
  • Select one of the banks available for payment.
  • You will see a message declaring the following: (The unit has been booked successfully).
  • Eligibility status must be: (Accrued).

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