New sports Investment Request

Ministry of Sports

The service allows representatives of sports clubs to apply for a new investment, as the request will be received through several stages to obtain the initial approval, start the procedures for offering the required investment, and then final approval.

Target audience
60.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  • Go to the electronic portal of the Ministry - eservices.
  • Go to the dashboard window, or go directly to (New Investment Request).
  • Submit the request by filling out all required fields in the application submission window (entity - project information - required attachments).
  • The request is reviewed in principle by the Ministry - and includes the initial decision (approval - rejection), and a request for advice.
  • Initial approval is issued.
  • Initial accreditation is done.
  • The club begins the procedures for offering the investment, and the step ends with completing all procedures and requirements for the offering of the club.
  • The club submits a final approval request for the investment.
  • The final review of the investment and the procedures and results of the offering are carried out by the Ministry.
  • The final approval is issued by the Ministry (final acceptance - final rejection), and includes the final approval to start investing.
  • Register in the Ministry's portal.
  • Registration as a main representative of the club is a stamped letter from the entity, and it is filed through the Ministry's portal.
  • A plan showing the project site and its area according to the permitted area for investment.
  • Approval of the club's board of directors on the project.
  • Estimates of the Accredited Evaluators Authority (3 files).
  • Estimated financial costs for implementing the project and the time required.
  • Approved engineering drawing.

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