Aid Request for Widows and Divorced Women (KANAF)

This product is designed for widows and divorcees by providing them with funding to support them with their need.
  • Go to the bank's website, and go to the application page.
  • Record the identification number and date of birth.
  • The validity of the identity and date of birth of the applicant is verified by the citizen data provided in the National Information Center.
  • In case of conformity, the citizen's information will be fetched from the concerned government agencies.
  • Complete your information required to apply for the loan.
  • he system determines an appointment for the citizen to send the required documents through the mail.
  • The application is processed internally at the bank, and the loan amount is transferred to the citizen’s bank account.
  • The installments are collected through a payment system, or by direct deduction from the government employee's salary through his employer.

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