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Registration in the National Tourism Monitoring Platform (Monitoring of Tourism Data)

Ministry of Tourism

This service allows monitoring data related to tourism, whereby the number of employees is obtained for all establishments and companies operating in the tourism sector, namely: the number of employees, their nationalities and gender: male or female; In order to calculate the indicators of the tourism sector, and compare them with the operating statistics of the establishments and tourism sectors, which are linked through the platform to the number of Saudi and non-Saudi employees, the number of male and female employees, and the Saudization percentage, as the main objective of launching the platform is to find a market capable of attracting investments in this field. In the Kingdom, it was established after careful monitoring of the best global practices in the field to be on a global level.

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Customer support

  • Enter the login data (username and password) with the same information as the accommodation facilities portal, and press (Enter).
  • All the facilities of the user appear, and as another option is to enter (the license number or the name of the facility).
  • Click on the (View details) box, where you will be taken to the activation page to view the details of the facility's information.
  • When you click on the (View details) box, the details of the facility's information and its license will appear.
  • Click (Next) and accept the pledge.
  • A screen appears in which you choose the name of the system for the facility, and click (Activate).
  • When the facility uses another system, choose (Other) from the drop-down list, type the name of the system used in the (System Name) field, then click (Activate), and then a window will appear confirming the success of the activation process.
  • After pressing (Activate), a pop-up window will appear and you will receive an (e-mail).
  • After the system is successfully activated, a table will appear to him containing (all linking information).
  • The entity shall show all the statistical information of the employees and employees.

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