Aggregating Contribution Periods

General Organization for Social Insurance

This service allows the contributor of social insurance scheme, who has a previous contribution period covered under the civil or military retirement scheme or social insurance scheme and has not receive lump sum compensation, to request aggregating the contribution period to his/her last employment covered under social insurance scheme.

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Customer support

  • Access the Public Pension Agency’s website.
  • Click “e-services”.
  • Choose “Aggregating Contribution Periods”.
  • Log in via the e-services or single sign-on.
  • The system will display the registered contribution period that has not been compensated with the option to add other contribution periods.
  • Fill in all the required information.
  • Submit your request.
  • The previous contribution period should be covered under the civil or military retirement scheme or social insurance scheme.
  • The period to be aggregated must not be less than one year.
  • The contributor should submit the aggregation application form before the end of his/her last employment.
  • The contributor should not receive lump sum compensation or pension for that period in accordance with the first scheme.
  • The contributor's age must not exceed 59 upon applying for aggregation of contribution periods.
  • The pension under the first scheme should not be payable as a result of disability.

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