Awareness-raising Newsletters, Magazines, and Publications in the Field of Human Rights

Human Rights Commision

This service allows for requesting hard copies of publications and brochures issued by HRC.

Citizen, Resident, Government, Business
Target audience
5.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • Submit the request via the website.
  • It is transferred to the publishing and media center to verify the possibility of implementation.
  • The applicant will be contacted by SMS and e-mail with the result of the application.
  • If approved, the message will contain a code with a link to download the publications, the method of receiving them, and the name of the person being delivered in case they need to receive them.
  • The applicants information shall be entered If the applicant is an official entity then an application letter shall be obtained from the authorized person in the entity.
  • The need shall be identified (the number and type).
  • The application shall be filed two weeks prior to the date of receipt.
  • The date of receipt and the recipient information.
  • More in the Service User Manual.

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