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Human Rights Commision

This service allows for lodging a complaint or report by individuals, institutions, organizations and others on violations, discrimination, inequality, or other human rights issues.

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Service launch date: Sep 1, 2020, 7:00:00 PM GMT

  • The complaint shall be received and verified and conditions shall be met and information shall be completed.
  • The complaint shall be transferred to the competent researcher in order to be studied and evaluated.
  • The appropriate procedure shall be taken.
  • The complainant shall be informed of the outcome of the complaint.
  • The complaint shall be lodged through different access channels.
  • The topic of the complaint or report should be the violation of the human right.
  • Violation occurrence time shall not exceed twelve months or it shall be a continuous case.
  • The topic of the complaint or the report shall not be based on an existing or previously dismissed report;
  • The applicant must not have been sentenced under a judgment.
  • All personal information fields (name, identity card for citizens and iqama for residents, and national address, etc.) shall be filled out.
  • The complaint information and details must be fully and accurately entered.
  • Documents shall be presented ((i) with regard to individuals, a photocopy of the national identity card of Saudi and GCC citizens or a photocopy of the ID of non-Saudi residents; (ii) with regard to institutions and companies, a photocopy of the commercial register, as well as a photocopy of the power of attorney and the ID of the attorney, in addition to documents supporting the complaint.
  • The application shall be sent and the complaint number sent in a text message shall be received in order for the applicant to follow up the application status.
  • Complaint processing procedures will not be completed if information is incomplete.
  • Documents supporting the complaint

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