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Awareness-Raising Lecture on Human Rights

Human Rights Commision

This service allows for requesting implementation of educational programs through lectures on human rights.

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Service launch date: Nov 1, 2019, 7:00:00 PM GMT

  • Submit the application via the electronic services on the HRC website, attaching a letter from the authorized person.
  • Study the request by the competent department to verify the possibility of implementation.
  • Communicate with the applicant to complete his procedures.
  • The response process takes 5 working days.

This service is intended for government agencies, associations, and relevant civil institutions.

  • A letter from the head of the entity or the person with authority approving the holding of the lecture.
  • Specify the city - place - date for holding the awareness lecture, along with attaching a reservation for the place or hall if it is outside the institution.
  • The topic of the lecture should be in the field of human rights.
  • Determine the target group.
  • Determine the number of participants.
  • The application must be submitted two weeks before the lecture date.
  • A letter from the authorized person in the entity.
  • Contact information with the applicant.
  • Determine the date for implementing the event.
  • Information about the event.

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