This service allows SIDF customer to request a claim for payment. The customer should upload the required invoices and should have an approved loan request from SIDF.
  • Click (Log in) if you already have an account or (New Registration) to create one.
  • If you are creating new account, you need to complete all the required information. Click (Agree to Terms and Conditions) then click (Send).
  • After you logged in, click (My Loans) from the list. Then click (Project Activities) for which you want to submit the claim for payment.
  • Select (Contractors) then click (Add Contractors) to fill in their information. Then click (Save).
  • Select (Insurance) from the project activities’ list. Click (Add Insurance) to fill in the insurance’s information then click (Submit).
  • Choose the loan details list, then click (Loan Activities). Select (Agreements), then click (Add Agreement) to fill in the required information then click (Save).
  • Click (Add Payment), enter the payment information, then click (Save). Choose the bills list, then click (Add Bill) to fill in the bill’s information then click (Save).
  • Click (Loan Activities), choose the claim for payment, then click (Add Claim).
  • Enter the claim amounts for each item you wish to claim from the approved claim items, such as machinery, equipment, construction, civil works, vehicles, etc., then click (Next).
  • Enter the trial date and add the funding source, then enter the trial balance attachments, then click (Save) to save the request or Click (Submit) to send the request.

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