Creating Transport Document

This service allows the issuance of a document documenting the contracting process for the transportation process, as it includes the sender's data, the recipient's data, and a list of the goods loaded on the truck that includes: description, numbers, weights and dimensions of the goods, and data of transportation charges. The carrier (shipping broker) issues the document periodically, as it is linked to every transportation process that the carrier performs.
  • Issuing a license for the facility to practice the activity of transporting goods on land roads through the transport portal.
  • Issuing operation cards for vehicles from Naql portal.
  • Log in to Bayan Portal.
  • Log in to (Create Transport Document) service.
  • Enter requirements to create a transport document, including the sender of the goods, the consignee, the goods, and the freight.
  • The sender of the goods approves the carriage document.

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