Participation in International Exhibitions

Saudi Export Development Authority

The service facilitates the participation of Saudi exporters in various trade exhibitions (trade fairs) internationally, regionally and nationally that aims at maximizing the visibility of their products and services to thousands of foreign attendees within the industry. The service offers participants the opportunity to meet prospective buyers from all over the world while traveling to a single location, and learn more about the competitors products and pricing, in addition to attending education seminars and meeting with key industry leaders. Saudi Exports will provide the necessary support during the event and before such as location, build and design, along with preparing the exporters before the event to ensure they’re ready to maximize the benefits of their participation.

Target audience
3.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • After logging in go to the dropdown menu (Exhibitions and Missions) and then choose Exhibitions and Trade Missions).
  • You can view all upcoming exhibitions that will be organized by SEDA. Click on the title of the most suitable exhibition for you.
  • When entering the exhibition details page that you want to register with, press (start registration).
  • You can selects the place in which you will display your products within the available and reserved places for the Saudi pavilion, and also chooses additional services that you may need during the period of the exhibition.
  • In the event that the company participation is accepted, it will be notified of this and a notice will be sent to complete the process of paying the participation fees in the service through SADAD.
  • After the customer pays the fees, you will be contacted for arrangements related to the shipment of samples as well as regarding the design of the display platform in which he will display your products.
  • There are conditions for each exhibitions that must be agreed with it to participate.

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