Export readiness self-assessment for Saudi exports customers

Export Readiness Self-Assessment provides companies with initial assessment of their export readiness and maturity level, to identify the high-level strength and weaknesses, to provide recommendations in areas of improvement, and suggested SE services for further help. The assessment should cover different areas related to exporting such as exporting history, selling, production capacity, selling proposition, resourcing modification, management, market resources, market research, pricing, payment mechanism, promotional material, and delivery.
  • When you register on the SEDA portal after logging into your account for the first time, you must complete (the profile) and complete a questionnaire (export readiness assessment).
  • For your account completion rate to be 100%, you must fill out the questionnaire by clicking on (Export Readiness Assessment) and the questionnaire must be completed until the end of it to ensure the completion of the account activation.
  • The evaluation result will be shown to you.

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