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Printing Iqama - Muqeem

General Directorate of Passports

This service allows the printing and delivery of a resident's identity (Iqama), after issuing or renewing it, transferring services, or modifying the profession.

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  • Go to a Muqeem website, and enter the login information using your username and password.
  • Choose electronic transactions from the main menu, and then (Print Iqama).
  • Select a postal address from the submenu.
  • Enter the postal address (Wasel) to which you want to send the Iqama, then press (Save).
  • Choose (Create Parcel) from the submenu.
  • Choose the address you want to send the stays to, then click (Next).
  • The system will display the search mechanism for the residences to be printed. Choose the method that suits you, then press (Search).
  • The system displays the search results.
  • Choose one or more (Iqama) to be printed, provided that the total number of them do not exceed 99 in one parcel, then click on (Create Postal Parcel).
  • The system displays the parcel information and the points that will be deducted. Read the terms and conditions, and agree to them. The system processes the request, and creates a number for the parcel and a tracking no to track it.

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