Issue Final Exit Visa - Muqeem

General Directorate of Passports

This service allows issuing a final exit visa for residents inside the Kingdom.

Government, Business
Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Portal Service centers
Service channels
Service cost
  • Log in to the system.
  • Go to (E-Transactions).
  • Choose (Electronic final exit visa).
  • Click on (Issue Final Exit Visa).
  • Enter the security code.
  • Enter the resident data.
  • The system displays resident information.
  • Click on (Agree).
  • Click on (Confirm).
  • Select (Print).
  • the employer (sponsor), the worker, or one of his family members whose visa is to be canceled must not be registered in one of the following cases: a deceased, an escape, a recruitment offense.
  • Pay all traffic fines for the worker.
  • There should be no violation for not canceling a previously issued and unused visa.
  • No valid visa for the individual for whom a visa is to be issued.
  • The individual whose visa is to be issued must be inside the territory of the Kingdom when the visa is issued.
  • The validity of the passport of the individual for whom the visa is to be issued should be 60 days or more.
  • A fingerprint for the individual to be issued a visa (for males and females from 15 years and older).
  • The individual to whom the visa is to be issued should not have a vehicle registered in the system.
  • The visa must be used within two months of its issuance, otherwise fines will be applied as per the regulations.
  • The primary visa holder must travel with all his family members added with him in the passport. The (employer) must destroy the Iqama, and he bears all responsibility.

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