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General Directorate of Passports

This service allows establishments through Muqeem platform to issue residency permits (Iqama) for those coming to Saudi Arabia with a work visa.

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  • Log in to the system.
  • Choose (Electronic Transactions).
  • Choose (Residence issue).
  • Enter the boundary number.
  • The system displays the resident and sponsor information.
  • The system allows modifying the resident name, if necessary.
  • Residence (Iqama) is issued.
  • The presence of the worker within the territory of Saudi Arabia.
  • Pay the residency issuance fees and delay fine, if any.
  • Pay the traffic violations registered on the worker, if any.
  • Register the fingerprint and photo of the worker and his dependents.
  • Registering and passing the medical examination for the worker in the approved medical centers.
  • Provide medical insurance for the worker and his family members, if they are with him.
  • The validity of the worker passport when using the service.
  • The worker should not be registered in the system as: (Absent from work).
  • The worker must have a work permit for some of the required jobs.
  • More details in the service user manual.

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