Retrieve of Media Licenses

This service allows updating the license holder's data between the old and new system.
  • Enter the Unified Licensing System page, and log in through the National Single Sign-On Service.
  • By entering the beneficiaries or the employee, click on (Login).
  • Register the user name, password and visual code, and press (Login).
  • Enter the temporary password, and click (Continue).
  • The beneficiary is successfully entered into the unified licensing system.
  • Choose from the list of services (Retrieve of Media Licenses).
  • Choose the organization's owner and current company manager, and click (Next).
  • Type the license number, click (Check License Status), and the license data will appear, then click (Send).
  • From the (My Requests) list, the request to verify the owner of the license is approved or rejected by the administration.

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