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Scientific Research Support Request

National Center for Archives and Records

The service provides researchers and scholars with documents related to the subject of scientific research upon request.

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Citizen, Resident, Visitor
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30.0 Days(s)
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Customer support

  • Log on to the electronic portal of the center, and log in or create a new user account.
  • Select individual services.
  • Select the (Scientific Research) section from the list of services sections, then choose the (Scientific Research Support Request) service.
  • Read the instructions, and click the (Service Request) button.
  • Read the terms and conditions, and click (I agree to the terms) if approved.
  • Fill in the required fields and then submit the request.
  • The center studies the request and makes sure that its data and requirements are complete, then the center will notify the beneficiary that the request has been received and that it has entered the process stage.
  • The center prepares a list of the collected documents, and sends it to the beneficiary with a written commitment.
  • The researcher signs the statement and pledge sent to him, and he sends it back to the center.
  • The center sends the documents specified in the attached statement and closes the application.

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