Request Advice or Support on Human Rights Issues

This service allows you to submit a request for advice on human rights issues. Disclaimer and Disclaimer: This service is designated by the Commission to provide support and advice in human rights issues in light of the information provided in the request. It is of an indicative nature and is provided free of charge by the specialized teams or support teams cooperating with it from individuals and entities interested in providing support and advice in human rights issues. An alternative to any legal procedures that the person concerned must take or resort to the competent authorities to deal with them or seek the help of specialists in presenting them. With an emphasis on keeping all procedures and information confidential, and preserving the sender's privacy
  • Visit HRC e-services website.
  • User Login.
  • Identity verification.
  • The registration process is completed.
  • Log in to the service.
  • Write the application details and attach the relevant documents (if any).
  • Submit the request. You can access (My Requests) from the menu to follow up your request.
  • After submitting the request: it is received and the information and data necessary to be processed is verified.
  • The request is assigned to the specialized researcher for study.
  • The applicant will be informed of the outcome of his request,

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