Issuing Final Industrial License

Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

An e-service provided by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources that allows the issuance of industrial licenses for industrial facilities after completing all data and documents, completing the study of the license application for the industrial project from a technical and economic point of view, and ensuring that it meets the conditions. The industrial license represents approval for the industrial project to carry out its activity. The investor uses the same license throughout its validity period to start operation and production, provided that the conditions and standards are met, and the relevant procedures are followed. The Ministry issues a license for the factory and it remains valid for a renewable period of three years.

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Customer support

  • Sign in.
  • Click on the (New Industrial License) button.
  • After entering the service information page, click on the (New Request) button.
  • Fill out the form data.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Enter the employment data.
  • Review the application, agree to the terms and conditions, and submit it.
  • Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Investment for the foreign investor.
  • Obtaining a commercial register.
  • Obtaining licenses from the concerned authorities: the land contract from the licensed authority if the factory is located within the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon), the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, or the Economic Cities Authority, and the municipality license if the factory is outside the industrial cities.
  • Obtaining the final industrial license from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.
  • More details in the Service User Manual.

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