Training of entrepreneurs, owners and employees of small and medium enterprises at Monshaat Academy

This service provides a variety of training programs in the fields that support entrepreneurship, focusing on providing the appropriate training at the right time and place for the beneficiaries, in addition to enriching the Arabic content in the topics specialized in entrepreneurship and future skills. The service aims to empower owners and employees of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to achieve growth, expansion and sustainability, in addition to raising administrative, financial and technical competencies, and transferring knowledge and best practices in establishing, managing and developing commercial establishments. Training programs are offered through the Monsha’at Academy for the business sector and those interested in starting commercial projects throughout the Kingdom, free of charge. The service also allows registration and benefit from online training programs or training programs in the equipped halls around the Kingdom. Monsha’at prepare these programs at a high level of quality and accuracy.
  • Register as a new beneficiary, or log in if you already have an account.
  • Log in to the Academy's platform, and view the available courses.
  • Choose the appropriate course, and attend it according to the scheduled times.

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