Issuing Establishment Permit for Manufacturing of Military Explosives

General Authority for Military Industries

A permit issued by the Authority to the applicant wishing to manufacture military Explosives to allow it to start the procedures related to the establishment site and approvals from relevant entities in order to issue Licenses for Military Manufacturing.

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  • Issue the commercial registration and register the entity.
  • Apply for the Establishment Permit for Military Manufacturing.
  • Reviewing the application.
  • Conducting security clearance.
  • Obtaining the Establishment Permit for Military Manufacturing.
  • Completing the application form of an Establishment Permit for Military Manufacturing through the portal.
  • Valid commercial register for the applicant.
  • Articles of Association or Statute of the applicant.
  • Investment license issued by the Ministry of Investment in case of foreign investor.
  • Governing Body Resolution issued by the applicant or owners board of directors in relation to individual establishments in the form specified by the Authority identifying the activities to be licensed, approving the provision of license application and contents, identifying the authorized persons on behalf of the applicant and obligating the applicant to acknowledge the understanding of laws, regulations and obligations resulting from activity exercise.
  • A list of information of controllers and copies of their national identities or passports (for non-Saudis) If any of the partners is a company, a copy of the commercial registration shall be attached.
  • Initial information on manufacturing according to the Authority’s form, including description of military products, types, maximum production capacity, materials and components of manufacturing.
  • Initial information on development according to the Authority’s form (of initial products), including information on development scope, scope description and available capacities (if any).
  • Organizational structure of the applicant including administrative sequence or organizational figure indicating the jobs sequence, administrative relations and relations between individuals as well as indicating power and responsibility lines of the applicant.
  • Receipt of payment of financial compensation of reviewing the application.

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