Issue Final Exit Visa during the Trial Period - Absher Individuals

General Directorate of Passports

It is a service that allows individuals to issue a final exit visa for their workers (domestic workers) during the trial period (90 days), starting from their entry into the Kingdom, through the Absher individuals platform.

Citizen, Resident
Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Kiosks Mobile apps Portal Service centers
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • Enter the Absher platform.
  • Choose (Absher Individuals).
  • Log in to the Absher individuals platform using your username or ID number and password.
  • You will receive a SMS message for your mobile number registered in Absher. Please enter it in the next window.
  • Choose (Services) in the (Services for the Sponsored) icon, then choose (Issue final exit visa during the trial period), and after reading the conditions, choose (Continue).
  • Select the worker for whom you want to issue a final exit visa, then press (Next).
  • Fill in the required fields on the (Workers Data) screen, then choose (Next).
  • On the (Confirm Application) screen, after reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, choose (Issue final exit visa).
  • You will receive a message: the visa has been successfully issued.
  • To have a valid visa.
  • To have a fingerprint.
  • To have a border number.

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