Existing Building Inspection

Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

This service provides a mechanism to inspect quality of existing buildings through certified inspectors by issuing an Inspection Report.

Citizen, Resident, Business
Target audience
2.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost

Customer support

  • Log in to the sustainable building system, and choose the project management icon (Prefab building service), then (new project registration).
  • Choose the project location on the map, then click on the (Next) icon.
  • Fill out the information, attach the required files, then click Send.
  • The system creates a new order and issues SADAD payment bill.
  • After submitting the payment, The reviewer clicks to view and review user requests.
  • The auditor checks the application data.
  • The system displays the details page for the reviewer to take the appropriate action.
  • Enter the system to send the request.
  • The user displays the details of the request, then the user receives the request after confirming the real estate data and the ability to visit the site.
  • After the examiner has finished the examination, he sends the report to Refer to references for sustainable construction.
  • Deed Number.
  • Building permit Number.
  • Approved drawings (if found).
  • warranty and handover for office engineer (if found).
  • Construction Completion Certificate Number (if found).
  • More in the Service User Manual.

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