Issuance of Bus Routing License

Transport General Authority

An e-service provided to establishments to issue a bus routing activity license from inside the Kingdom and to conduct its business

Citizen, Business
Target audience
1.0 Days(s)
Service duration
Service channels
Service cost
  • Log in to the ground transport portal.
  • From the list of licenses, choose Restricted Licenses.
  • From the restricted license page, click on the (Restricted License Request) button to issue a new restricted license.
  • Choose the type of activity required, and then check all the required conditions.
  • Fill in the required fields, and then press (Submit).
  • You will receive a message (Your request has been successfully sent to the Transport General Authority).
  • The request is studied, and then approved.
  • A valid commercial register.
  • There are no violations on the client.
  • Certificate of Zakat and Income.
  • Social insurance certificate.
  • Subscribe to Wasel Service.
  • Financial guarantee.
  • A trademark registration certificate for the application used to provide the service.
  • Badir Program for Technology Incubators.
  • Pricing mechanism for the service.

Last Modified Date: 03/06/2021 - 9:55 AM Saudi Arabia Time

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