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Geodetic Reference Frames Transformation

General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information

This service provides The Online GRF-TT tool, which is a Tool for transformation of geodetic coordinates between KSA GRFs (Geodetic Reference Frames). The coordinates could be either geographical or UTM projection coordinates. Standard Helmert parameters (translation, rotation and scale factor) ares used for coordinate transformation from geodetic reference frames ARAMCO-WGS84, GDMS and MTRF-2000 to KSA-GRF17 (solution of March 2019). A grid of 3D transformation parameters is used for transformation from ARAMCO Ain Al Abd reference frame to KSA-GRF17.

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Customer support

  • Enter the service link directly.
  • Choose the desired transfer type.
  • Enter the source coordinate system.
  • Choose the type of coordinates to convert as a single point or multiple points.
  • Enter coordinate values if it is a single point, or choose a coordinate file for multiple points.
  • Select (Transfer).
  • You will get the results.

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