The service provides a tool for electronic height conversion: 1- Ellipsoidal heights defined in Geodetic Reference Frame (KSA-GRF17) to orthometric heights defined in the latest Kingdom of Saudi Arabia VRF (KSA-VRF14). 2- Orthometric heights defined in Vertical Reference Frames (KSA-SVD78 or KSA-JED69) to those defined in the latest Kingdom of Saudi Arabia VRF (KSA-VRF14). 3- Geoid heights from the KSA-GEOID09 geoid to those from the latest geoid model KSA-GEOID17.
  • Enter the service link directly.
  • Choose the desired transfer type from the main transfer menu.
  • Choose the type of coordinates to convert as a single point or multiple points.
  • Enter coordinate values if it is a single point, or choose a coordinate file for multiple points.
  • Choose a (Transfer) to perform the transfer.
  • You will get the results.

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