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Register and Attend Awareness Lectures for Attaa Digital Initiative

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

This service allows you to register and attend awareness lectures for the Attaa Digital Initiative, an initiative launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to spread digital knowledge among Arab societies around the world. The initiative has developed an ambitious action plan to achieve its desired goals to increase Arab technical content by organizing 100 training courses (remotely), direct training courses in all regions of the Kingdom, and holding forums and seminars specialized in spreading digital awareness, and enriching Arab technical content on the Internet using many Advanced media and technical tools to deliver the initiative's message to 1,000,000 beneficiaries, in addition to answering technical inquiries, and motivating and developing giving in the non-profit sector digitally by serving more than 300 non-profit organizations, to contribute to the development of Arabic digital content.

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Customer support

  • Enter the platform.
  • Click on the (Join Us Now) icon.
  • Click (View details) for the wanted webinar.
  • To register for the lecture, click on the (Registration to Attend) icon, then (Register).
  • The page will appear, and you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration.
  • In order to be present and obtain the certificate, you must watch the lecture by one of the methods mentioned by mail.
  • After entering your email and mobile number, you will be directed to view the lecture. If the lecture does not start, the remaining time will appear.

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