Issuance a New License for a Scientific and Technical Office

This service is provided to foreign companies that have a Saudi agent distributing the company’s products in the Kingdom, and such companies that wish to open an office to provide scientific and technical services to agents, distributors and consumers of their products.
  • Register in MISA website.
  • Apply for new license.
  • Enter the basic data, license duration and license type.
  • Select the ISIC activities.
  • Enter Shareholders info (Person or Entity).
  • Enter your contact info.
  • Review Application.
  • Click (Agree) and then a SADAD invoice will be issued.
  • The main ID is created when the request is delivered.
  • After payment of SADAD invoice through Credit card , the license will be sent online via e-mail.

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2.0 Days(s)

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07:30 AM - 4 PM
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