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Add a Representative to a Lawsuit via Mueen Platform

Board of Grievances

This service allows you to submit a request to add a representative of the natural or ordinary person in the lawsuits, in accordance with the statutory procedures, and without the need to go to the court examining the case, in all the courts of the Court.

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Citizen, Resident, Government
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Customer support

  • Enter the primary link for Mueen system.
  • Choose Judicial Services.
  • Enter the user ID number and password.
  • Enter the verification code sent to the mobile registered.
  • When the registration process is successful, services will appear to you, choose a service (Add a Representative to a Lawsuit).
  • Fill in the following fields: court, lawsuit number, lawsuit year, date of the last session, and then press (Verify).
  • After the data appears, choose the other party, enter the representation data, add the attachments, and click (Submit the request).
  • If the request is submitted successfully, you will see the following message: You can follow up on the request and the procedure that was taken on it by entering (My Requests).

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