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Smoking Cessation Help Service

Ministry of Health

a service that provides awareness and therapeutic practices for those wishing to quit smoking, through trained and qualified cadres in accordance with Saudi Guideline for Tobacco; to reach a role model in efficiency locally, regionally, and globally.

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Service launch date: Aug 31, 2022, 7:00:00 PM GMT

Book an appointment (remotely or in person) through 1. (Sehhaty) platform, to book an appointment: • Log in through (Sehhaty) app. • Click on appointments at the bottom of the screen. • To book a new appointment, click on Book an Appointment. • Choose the anti-smoking clinic service and specify the date of the time of attendance. • To view upcoming/past appointments: Click on (my appointments). 2. Or call 937
​Create an account through Sehhaty app.
 Saudi ID card, residence permit «Iqama» for residents, or passport

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