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Proof of Khul' (Wife-Initiated Divorce)

Ministry Of Justice

An e-service provided by the Ministry Of Justice, which enables beneficiaries to request proof of Khula (Termination of marriage from the wife side)to the settlement circuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer support

  • log in to Ministry of Justice portal.
  • Select e-Services.
  • Select (Submit Request to the Administrative Courts).
  • Select (Proof of Khul (Wife-Initiated Divorce)).
  • Two witnesses.
  • (National ID (original and copy.
  • The presence of the parties or their agents in the court.
  • (Marriage contract (original and copy.
  • existence of a valid power of attorney
  • issuance of the marriage contract
  • the original marriage contract
  • If the documents are issued from outside the Kingdom, they must be certified by the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs

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