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Renewal of driver's license

Directorate of Public Security

An electronic service enables individuals to renew their driver's licenses electronically. It requires the applicant to pay the fees for the duration of the renewal and perform the medical examination at one of the accredited medical examination centers, and then be sent to the applicant's national address.

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Customer support

  1. log in to your Absher Account
  2. Select "My Services"
  3. Select "Traffic Police "
  4. Select "driving license renewal"
  1. This service includes only renewing private driving and motorcycle driving licenses.
  2. Renewing motorcycle licenses for ten years.
  3. Payment of renewal fees.
  4. Payment of traffic violations, if any.
  5. The remaining period of validity of the driver's license shall be less than 180 days.
  6. Medical examination through accredited medical centers.
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