Documented License Application - (Mowathaq License)

Ministry Of Justice

An e-service provided by the Ministry Of Justice, which enables beneficiaries to apply for a documented license via the e-portal if they fulfill the specified conditions. The applicant shall go to the nearest notary public to verify data and documents and take the fingerprint and verify it.

Citizen, Individuals
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Service duration
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  • Log in to the Ministry portal.
  • Select e-service.
  • Select request for documenter license.
  • To be a Saudi.
  • To have good behavior.
  • The applicant must hold a bachelor, master or doctorate degree in Sharia, Judiciary or Laws from one of the colleges in Saudi Arabia, or its equivalent.
  • To be medically fit and healthy senses.
  • He must not have been convicted of an offense against honor or honesty, and should not have been subject to a disciplinary decision to dismiss him from a public office, even if he has been rehabilitated.
  • Not to be a government employee.
  • To pass the personal interview, unless he has practiced justice, or worked as a notary public.

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Last Modified Date: 13/04/2021 - 7:10 AM Saudi Arabia Time


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