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An e-service provided by King Abdulaziz University, which enables citizens to apply for a Bachelor's degree.

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  • Access the Admission page, then enter the admission system.
  • Register - Create an account as a new applicant at the Admission Portal (Aziz).
  • Identification of the type of identity, Saudi or non-Saudi, etc., and gender.
  • Enter the personal data available, then (Execute) to pull the data from the National Information Center.
  • Make it possible to modify some personal data such as: contact number and e-mail.
  • Select and arrange the options for the program you wish to join.
  • Confirm the applicant application for admission, and you can follow up it according to the admission stages.
  • If the applicant is nominated by the university, it is required to complete the admission procedures.
  • Schedule your English test.
  • Determining the date of receiving the university card.

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